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I'm so confused and frustrated

Hi all. Well I had my first Depo injection yesterday and also yet another internal examination in the space of a week, and it was awful I'm in pain still. The consultant said I should try this injection to see if my symptoms go but I'm already on the progesterone pill so how can going on the injection help. It's effecting my relationship with my husband because I'm always in pain. Why can't they just do my laparoscopy to find out if I have endometriosis just like my sister. I have got to wait 12 weeks of my symptoms don't improve. I need some help people should I push for it? X

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Oh yes! Push for it if that's what you want!

Say that you are NOT happy taking the injections as you don't want to replace one set of symptoms with another, flat out refuse to take any more. I refused twice when my first gyna tried to make me, so I asked for a referral and he did because he could see I wouldn't accept it.

I assume you've told them about your sister? If you dont already have children, or do, say you are worried about your fertility and you need to know what's going on?

I wouldn't wait 12 weeks, keep ringing for appointments and see them as much as you can until they are fed up of you haha. it's no way for you to be for that long :(

Hope this helps a bit, I hope you get somewhere with them, good luck xx


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