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Wasted time


Hi everyone I recently had my first visit to the gynecologist to confirm I do have endometriosis. I felt like I wasted my time going cause he made me feel stupid cause he kept asking me wat I wanted him to do for me. I asked him to help me deal with the pain as I knew it isn't cure able as I'd read up on internet about it I got a bit upset cause I he just kept saying u just have to learn to deal with it and then told me I had to stop taken naproxen for the pain and to only take ibrufren with paracetamol this doesn't even take the edge off the pain he also gave me the option for surgery or to go on the pill to help with the painfull periods but because he knew I would like another child he said he wouldn't do surgery so I said he pill he said he didn't want me on that cause it wouldn't help me get pregnant (no shit sherlock ) so i said wat do u want me to do he said that i couldnt put it on him i had to take responsablility for my own illness. He said he would do a diagnostic lap but wouldn't put me forward for it because I wasn't in the right mind frame he said with me getting to upset and crying and changing my mind to much I didn't have a clue wat I wanted and to go away for 3 month and have a think about it and do some research into opted to go on pill and see if it helped but because I can only take mini pI'll it isn't really helping cause I've just got old blood coming away all the time now and don't feel any further on

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What an arsehole!

Have you considered seeing someone else? If you have a look at the BSGE list to be referred to or just go to them with a list of symptoms etc. I can't recommend enough NOT going with a general gyna who isn't on the list, I didn't listen to people on here and my diagnostic lap made me 10x worse!

I would really look into changing consultants so you can find one who has the support and helpful information that you need.

By him saying that he wouldn't do a lap because you want another child makes no sense, because if you have endo, a lap to clear what is there elevates your chances of getting pregnant!

I really really would look into seeing someone else, he doesn't seem to know what he talking about and seems very insensitive to you.

Hope this helps a bit and you find someone better xx



Wow that sounds awful and not a doctor you want to continue seeing.

I agree that not putting you forward for a diagnostic lap makes no sense in relation to you wanting a child. He is the one that should be providing you with information and options and advising you on what the best course of action should be.

I would push for a referral to an accredited centre x

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