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Uncertain and scared

Hello, I'm new to this website but I was hoping to get some help.

I believe I have Endometriosis. But I haven't gotten an official diagnosis. I looked up the symptoms. It seems like I have most of them. My aunt had it. I know its hereditary. I went to the doctor yesterday for the check of a UTI. Then brought up the possibility of having that. The nurse said "we're not going to talk about that right now."

So I'm stuck on what to do. I'm pretty sure I have it but I'm not exactly sure where to go... Or what to do. Can someone help or give me advice?

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Doctors are very frustrating. I would go back to your doctor, explain your symptoms and your thoughts about it and request a referral to a consultant, one of the accredited endo specialists would be best x

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Yes, and DawnyRowe182 said, go back and see another doctor, that's what I'm doing!!


Hello, if you feel you might have endo please trust your instinct and don't be fobbed off by doctors. If you're experiencing symptoms they need to take it seriously and look into it. Can I ask what symptoms you have? Xx


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