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Post-op Exhaustion

I hope this isn't too daft a post, but I had my 3rd lap on 21st December where I had some more endo removed & some Peritoneal Excision (haven't yet had the letter from Gynae with details); I know I've had a lot more internal work done than before, but am absolutely exhausted all the time!

Has anyone got any tips on what I can do to try & boost my energy a bit (I'm trying to make sure I have plenty of fruit & veg & I already have A-Z Vitamins)??!

Hope someone can help x

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REST!!! Operations are major things and we need to be gentle with ourselves and stop expecting too much xxx


I am trying to do plenty of that - been sleeping during the day, bed early etc... :-/

But thanks for the reminder ;-) I guess I might be expecting too much of myself, but if I don't keep moving around I end up horribly constipated, which makes it even worse! Luckily I'm not working at the moment, as the thought of that alone makes me feel tired right now! xx


Sorry that may have come across wrong. Im sure you are resting its just I know from my experience I tried to push myself and just made the whole process longer. Short gentle walks maybe to help with the constipation (and peppermint tea)

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Not at all, I appreciate a response (there are so few people I personally know that actually understand Endo & appreciate that while Laparoscopy might be 'minor' surgery it's not all that different from others, healing-wise!) :-)

I did ought to get out for a proper walk really, so maybe will give that a go tomorrow (I drink so much peppermint tea these days I'm surprised I don't smell of peppermints!).. Thank you xx


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