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Feel like endometriosis

Hi people. I'm new to this. My mother had endometriosis and my sister has it. I started on a new pill in July last year and I have had one period in the August and not one since and since then I have been having really bad ovary pain/lower abdomen pain going for a pee a lot and pain during intercourse and also a lot of bloating. I went to see the gynaecologist and she wants me to try the Depo injection to see if my symptoms go. Does this sound like endometriosis at all? Please help. Oh and I'm not pregnant either I did a test and it was negative.

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Hey Becky. I went on the depo injection and put on loads of weight! Everyone is different but it diddnt work for me! It sounds like you have endo, there are the symptoms I have got I went for a laparoscopy about 6 months ago and was diagnosed with stage 2 endometriosis!! Do please of to your gp !! I then went on the pop pill and I was still bleeding and it was getting me down loads so now I'm 26 trying for a baby and came off the pill and just controlling it with painkillers now. Hope this helps ! Take care xxxx


Thank you Hun. Well I went on the pop cus I kept having migraines with the combined and I have put a stone and a half on with the pop and I been on it for 7 months now and I'm having so much pain every single day with my ovaries. I have my appt today for the injection but I'm going to try and get an appt with my GP because it's getting worse. The consultant said to try the Depo for 12 weeks to see if my symptoms go. So we will see. I hope your successful Hun. I'm not try at the moment as I have lost two but my time will come. Xxx

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Hi Rhiann. I had my Depo injection yesterday and an internal examination again 🙁 The nurses don't understand why I'm going on a progesterone med again when I'm on it that I should just have a scan and a Lap to see what is going on. But I'm still in pain and to top it all my bum hurts after the injection. 😕 Hope your doing well Hun. Xxx


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