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Disturbed sleep

Does anyone else experience disturbed sleep? I'm having my first lap on the 25th Jan and ever since I've found out the date I've had extreme anxiety especially at night and three panic attacks. I had to go to A&E on Saturday because of the pelvic pain but they just gave me codeine and told me to wait until my lap. I wake up in the night feeling like I'm dying or going mad! Also, has anyone had experience of pain management or therapy/counselling on the NHS?

Thanks xx

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Hi Hun, I think it's normal to be apprehensive about it as it's an invasive procedure, but the good news is that it will get you one step towards getting answers.

Before Christmas I was in A&E thinking my appendix was going to pop - they gave me codeine and naproxen and said 'see what the gynae says' just like you.

For the pain, I'm ensuring I have a constant dose of paracetamol in my system, as my gynae said not to wait for the pain to take the painkiller. They're not enough, so I use a TENS machine and heat pad too (even during the day at work). I find codeine makes me feel a bit loopy, so only take half of one before bed - maybe it's worth asking for a different painkiller that works better for you? xx


Thanks so much for your reply Hun. I'm glad it's not just me but sorry you're suffering too. I rely on deep heat cream, hot water bottle and usually paracetamol. Whenever I take codeine the constipation is awful, but I guess I haven't got a choice! Luckily my lap is only a couple of weeks away so the suspense won't go on for much longer xx


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