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Laproscopy cancelled!

As I suspected my laproscopy today was cancelled. I called the day case this morning to give them a heads up that I had a cold & cough but they told me to come in still. The anaesthetist wasn't happy to proceed so he decided to cancel the procedure. I'm absolutely gutted =( I'll have to wait another month or so now for a new date as it's a suspected chest infection so I have to go to my doctors to get some antibiotics and wait for it to clear up. To make things worse I've come on my period today so I guess it was a good thing it was cancelled or it might of been too much to cope with all at one time xx

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How frustrating! Mine was cancelled and rescheduled due to a private paitent being first in line so I got pushed back and that was annoying! I can imagine how peed off you are! Just focus on getting yourself better, I suppose they cancel it because your body is already fighting your cold so it could make you really exhausted trying to recover from the op aswell!

Hope you feel better soon xx

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Yeah that's what he said and there's a risk of developing pneumonia as well. I've got some antibiotics so starting them today. It's a diagnostic so it's not urgent and I'd rather be fighting fit for it xx


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