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Hey I had a laparoscopy and had treatment for endo on both of my ovaries and my womb wall this all happened on the 9th December and it's now the 3rd of Jan and I have the start of a water infection I'm very swollen and tiered. I thought I was recovering really well getting back into the swing of things etc but today I have woken up and it feels like iv had the opp again I have like a square of pain below my belly button and just above my knicker line i have also been taking cranberry capsules for the last 4 days as I was concerned about future water infections so that's kinda helping with the pain but I just feel run down and frequently going to the loo, I feel sore down there as I sit. Please can someone advise me what to do as I'm really worried as this is the first laparoscopy iv had and only been diagnosed with endo 8 months prior to the op so this is all really new to me :(

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I would go docs and ask him do a urine test for water infection.

Pain in belly might be endo related.

Could it be the cranberry tabs maybe if you've just had pain & only just introduced them

Hugs Xxx

SH90 in reply to Booboo08

Hey I will give the doctors a call in the morning could possibly be the tablets didn't think of that

I would recommend you go to your doctor and ask for a urine sample test. They can normally do the test there and then and if you have an infection they will give you antibiotics. I had my 2nd laproscopy on 14th Dec 2015 and I'm getting pains at the incision sites but my surgeon has said because he had to go through muscle its the muscle healing itself so if you feel like a tugging/pulling uncomfortable pain/feeling its your muscle pulling together healing itself. Please go to doctors for urine sample and ask them questions to put your mind at ease. X

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