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False positive pregnancy test - Uterine septum

Hi ladies - I took a pregnancy test last night (Superdrug early detection) and got a very clear positive. I took two more today (Clear blue digital & superdrug early detection) and these both came out negative. I was diagnosed with a uterine septum (Due to be removed in march) and am I bit confused? Am I pregnant and if not how is it possible to have such a clear positive test? Thank you in advance xxx

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Hi Emma, I am no expert but I would say go to see your GP who can do a blood test to test more accurately for the hormone levels of hcg which increase in pregnancy, and are what the urine pregnancy tests detect. The levels are low in very early pregnancy, and sometimes if urine tests are inconclusive but you have other pregnancy indicators, a blood test will give an accurate hcg level. Good luck x x


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