Cant wait until Lap

On Monday I am having my long awaited laparoscopy to have excision work done and am literally counting the hours now, i'm so excited. (I know, i'm sad lol)

I've been waiting since June but its taken so long as I need both an endo specialist and a colorectal surgeon and one of them went off sick so it was postponed but now the day is nearly here and I am praying it will be the day I get my life back.

In this past year I have had so many stomach pains I don't know where doesn't hurt anymore and have become intolerant to so many foods I feel like there's hardly anything left for me to eat. I have lost 2 1/2 stone in just over a year. The only worry I have is how long it takes to recover as I have VIP tickets to The National Television Awards, 2 weeks and 2 days after op and not sure if I will make it or not, although even losing over £200 is a small price to pay if I get sorted.

Please wish me luck everyone x

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  • Good luck Hun , take it really easy afterwards and fingers crossed you'll be be fine for the night .

  • Thank you. Ive got everyone ready to wait on me hand and foot so not going to overdo it at all x

  • There really is no way of predicting and obviously you must come first but if it is clear that you won't manage the outing you should get the tickets snapped up on Ebay. x

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