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Does anyone suffer with breast pain?

Today my breasts feel like bricks. I flinch if anything or anyone bumps into me.

I ache everywhere and have been depressed since November 13th when my ca125 was found to be elevated. I wrote another post re my endometrioma diagnosis.

I don't want this endo to take over my life.

I'm being a misery. Must cheer up and have a happy healthy new year lol.


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Hi Sharon, this was something I had problems with when I was ~21, ended up seeing a specialist who said the first thing to do would be cut out all caffeine. I only drank 3 - 4 cups of tea a day and 3 - 4 cups of coffee a week. He said even so, switch to decaf, as caffeine lowers your pain threshold. I've done that was it made a huge difference (felt like a sharp knitting needle was being jabbed into my boob). He said if that didn't work, to use evening primrose oil or starflower oil (the latter is better as it contains more of the active ingredient), which have GLA.

As all my recent issues were playing up (boob pain, mid cycle pain & horrendous periods whilst on the pill) I started taking starflower oil, which helped with the boob pain a bit, but it took a good few weeks of eating them like sweets for them to make a difference.

Hope this helps xx


Thanks jellykat. I always wanted boobs and hated my 28aa pancakes. When I was in my mid 30s they appeared from nowhere! Lol. I'm now age 45 and 36c! now I want my small ones back.

Your reply was really helpful. Thanks x


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