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CT scan booked but I'm on my period. Can I wear a tampon?

So I'm having a CT scan on the 5th for my abdomen and pelvis. I've had an upper stomach problem for 7 months now and hoping this will she's some light. (Not really sure why they are even scanning my pelvis since its just been upper stomach pain and vomiting /nausea)

Only problem is I've just got my period. I'm 18 pills in to my second cerazette pack and have barely stopped bleeding since I started. I've had 5 days blood free but just started again, last time it lasted 20 odd days so I'm probably going to be still bleeding next week.

Can I wear a tampon while being scanned? I don't know what I'm allowed to wear. It says hospital gown supplied on my letter (said that on my letter for a gastroscopy but I just wore my own clothes) but can I wear underwear underneath it to wear a pantyliner? The other option is I bleed all over there machine. I can't reschedule as the follow up is booked in and there's nothing else for months and I really can't go on being unwell for any longer (ill since May), im completely miserable and fed up with being alive at his point.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi, I'm sure it will be fine but you always phone the department for advice


Thanks, but there's no one there to speak to until Monday the 4th! Only doing emergencies until then as it's at tat he'd to the a&e.


Hi, that's no problem, you can wear a tampon/liners/underwear whatever you like. They will ask when your last period was,just to rule out pregnancy. They will only ask you to change into a gown if you are wearing anything metal, ie zips on jeans, so to avoid changing just don't wear metal. Underwired bras are usually ok providing they are not scanning anything between neck and waist.

I know all this because I used to work in this department. All the best for your scan! &don't be afraid to ask the staff questions-that's what they're there for.


Thank you so much. I've got some all cotton trousers that I'm planning to wear. It's right at the top of my abdomen that's been the problem so I'm expecting to remove my bra.

Thank ou so much, the appointment cam through christmas eve so I haven't had a chance to ask anything yet.

Thanks again :)


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