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Abnormal ovary cells

Hello everyone.

I had my 2nd lap on Monday and nothing was found inside. In the words of the Dr's I look perfectly healthy! Wow....that explains the constant pain! So now I'm feeling a bit more human I've begun questioning and googling! I am not healthy and something is wrong, I'm not going back to the it all being in my head stage.

I had an ultrasound scan a couple of months ago which showed abnormal cells in my ovaries. They tested for pcos and that came back negative but then they just left it There and said nothing more about it.

Has anyone else been told this before?

Or think this could be a concern or a reason for the pain.

I have every endometriosis symptom, the same as before my first op.

Thank you for any replies!

I hope you all had a lovely Xmas X

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Hi there, sorry you didn't get the answers you wanted,

Did you see a specialist endo surgeon,?


Yea I did. It's not so much there Not being anymore endo there this time I know that's good. I am Just concerned that the reason I went was for all the endo symptoms that had returned and now there isn't anything I am trying to figure what could be wrong. and I'm concerned about these abnormal cells. It seems weird to me that those words would be used to describe the cells but not much done to find out what is abnormal.And I was wondering if anyone else Has been told they have abnormal cells.

Thank you :-)


Sometimes abnormal cells can go back to normal, maybe that's why nothing else was said about it, I hope u get to the bottom of it all xx


Ah i didn't know that they just never scanned again and I was concerned as to why. Thank you. Abnormal always make you think the worse and googling comes up with nothing but scary things.

Thank you x


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