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Advice, help, guidance please!

So bit of a long story here but I really needed to get this all out and didn't know where else to go.

I came off the pill at the start of the year to try and clear my system and (hopefully) conceive, and had fairly regular periods for about 10 months. My last period started on the 17th October and now I've had nothing. I took a pregnancy test a few weeks ago and it came back negative.

Now I've still had no period, my boobs are killing me and hard, I keep getting a tingling in my nipples and butterfly feelings where I would normally get cramps. I'm terrified to take another test because I don't want to get my hopes up all over again and if I'm not pregnant what else could it be?

There's nothing more I want in the world than to be a mother and I'm worried that everything could be related to something else and I'm just making it fit.

I took an ovulation test yesterday and I got a faint line in the test area but not too sure what it all means.

I know I need to do another test but just really needed some support from other people that know what it's like when your own body can be a mystery!

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I hope you get the answer you want, you should do another test, get it over with,

Good luck xxx


Hey, you may have tested too early, for me a strong positive didn't show until nearly 6weeks simply because I ovulated late - day 20 rather than 14 so hcg hadn't risen enough. Don't be scared take the test :-) if it isn't your time now it soon will be so nothing to worry about xx

My gp printed this out for me when we were ttc, what to expect app and book very good too x



Yes do another test, you can't put it off forever and at least you'll know. I've been in your position, I still am so I know how disheartening it is not to be pregnant each month. I would go back to doc if I was you if you still have same symptoms and no period. Good luck!x


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