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Mini pill


So my endo specialist gave me the mini pill, to hopefully help with pain symptoms, I've had a hysterectomy for adeno in July so don't have periods, but I have ovaries so do ovulate,

I've been taking pill for 10 days now, and my pain levels have gone up, starting Christmas Day, but got through by drinking wine, haha, but yesterday and today, I feel shocking, I have a particular pain right side just over and below hip, could be overy area,

Do you think this could be the pill, or just coincident, I'm considering a trip to A & E, worried it's something else,

Don't know what to do

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Hello, sorry to hear your in pain. When I started this pill 4 months ago it made me ovulate every other week. I know this because i get severe ovulation pain. infact my ovulation pain was worse on this then ever before. I was convinced my ovary had burst the first time I got the pain. However 3 months in and I'm pain free for the first time in years. I did go to docs when I first got the pain to make sure it was that and so I was prepared the next time but now this pill is working its actual pretty good. I have everything crossed that this will work for you too.

Sending love and healing energy

Jade xxx

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