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Post Laparoscopy Concerns

Hi all,

I'm 22 and was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis following a Laparoscopy on the 20th of October, after years of gynaecological issues and a diagnosis of PCOS too. They removed the endometriosis insofar as they could. Since my laporoscopy however, I've had some amount of bleeding everyday. Mostly lighter than a normal period, but still present without fail and some pain accompanying it although not every day. I didn't bleed that much in the initial 3 days after the surgery but then it began and has not stopped. I was prescribed the Pill a few years ago when I got my PCOS diagnosis and still take it, and was advised to run three months of the Pill back to back in order to avoid a painful period soon after the surgery. I am now on my "break" week which I started 2 days ago and have so far had a more normal flow and some pain on and off with bad headaches, but mostly just discomfort and nothing as severe as pre-op pains.

I'm just wondering has anyone else had any experience with the ongoing bleeding following the laporoscopy? I was told some level of bleeding would be normal for the first while but I think I let it go on for a few too many weeks hoping it would sort itself out, particularly after this break week from the pill.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated 😊

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Hi , I bled for six weeks after my lap, I just thought maybe it was normal but when the nurse phoned me for my 6 week check she said it wasn't and made me another appointment. It took about 3 months for my periods to become normal again but I was not on the pill I had coil in already before the lap. I still don't know why I bled for so long so I can not help with that, they did do another scan and said I had adeomiosis. I think we know are own body's and if you have any concerns make an appointment to go back. Big hugs kaysha x


It may possibly be breakthrough bleeding from the pill and not actually linked to your surgery but best to speak to your doctor x


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