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Ongoing pain and bleeding


Hello everyone ... Just wanted to share my story so far and see if people have similar stokes or any suggestions as to what can help me.

So I am currently 23 years old and have suffered with painful heavy periods since the age of 14. At 14 I was out in the pill to try to regularlate my period and reduce the heaviness however I had a reaction to the hormone and was unable to take any pill apart from the mini pill which I did for a couple of years after.

The pain got worse- however not knowin any different I just assumed that all women has periods this heavy and painful. After suffering for a long time I got referred to my Gynaecologist who suggested have key hole laZer to see if I had endo. After the operation(which was successful( the doctors confirmed I had mild to severe endo.

After recovery I seemed better. Few months later I had extreme pain and bleeding again. After internal

Scans and MRI scans a huge blood clot was found on my right ovary causing pains (it was ten times the size) the doctor was sure than this would not go on its own and that I needed another operations to remove it. Within a week it disburst itself and it was so painful.

The next few months were very painful and my periods were very heavy - I had been given the implant a few months before this and had not yet stopped bleeding. Whilst having the implant for 7 months I bleed this whole time.

More pained occurred - during sex was a new pain I had not experienced. I was advised I needed another operation just a year after my previous.

So I had another laZer operations where again they found severe but scattered endo. No follow was given and that was that. Since then i have been back to the doctors more than 4 times with again and pain. The doctor suggested have the coil as I had reacted to the pill at 14. Plus the mini pill and implant has not been successful. The coil was fitted with great difficult (I have a tilted womb and servix ) wow what this painful. The nurse assured me it was normal and it would settle. I was in bed in again for days and days it got to the point where I took myself to hospital as I felt as if my whole inside were contracting. The doctor told me that my body was trying to reject the coil and that my womb was going into spasms so I needed it taken out after ten days. Most painful exoeiance of my life.

So since the I have now been put on a new pill to try... I have been on this pill for 7 days and already bleeding heavily ... I have made another appointment and my doctors has revered me back to my Gynaecologist. I'm a primary school teacher and some days I'm in against and don't even want to get up! Last week my period was so heavy it leaked on my chair (highly embarrassing)

I just wondered if anyone had an advice of help... I know this isn't a cure but I don't seem to understand what is happening to my body or how serious it is. The main thing I want in life is my own family and I hope having this doesn't effect my changes of being a mum.

Any reply or support would be amazing

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It sucks doesn't it; you have my utmost sympathy. My endo doesn't cause severe or heavy bleeding but my sister's periods mean she wears a sort of nappy - sometimes her clots are the size of tennis balls which is shocking. My sister found a while back that if she used a supermax tampon with a heavy sanitary towel, it was generally ok for her to work without causing too much problem. She did, however, always have a spare skirt/underwear in her drawer just I case and one her colleagues (female) was good at checking when she stood up. Once, she walked directly behind my sister all the way to the toilets when she leaked.

In terms of the bleeding - not sure if they still do it - but have you tried to have your lining 'scraped' away to reduce it. My sister and I both did this when we were in our twenties and it helped (me more than her but she still had almost a year when her periods were less heavy).

For me, the pain was more prevalent than the blood and even without a uterus or ovaries anymore, it still persists...

Hope you get some rest over the xmas period at least since school is closed.



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