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Post Op Appointment

Hey everyone...

Just wondered for those who have been diagnosed through lap what was said at your first appointment after?

I was so out if it when I came round I don't even know very much from the operation apart from the endo being deep and in 3 different places.

Do they go through treatments with you at this appointment.

Any advice on what to ask etc would be much appreciated x

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Hi jade,

It's so frustrating isn't it ! To go through it all and still be living in limbo for weeks afterwards. I waited for all those weeks for a nurse to phone me and when I asked questions she did not know because there was no notes...... I just broke down at this point I had been bleeding for six weeks my hormones were off the chart. I have suffered with bad periods these I was 11 years old, I started my periods at 10 so I asked to be referred to an endo specialist. 30 years was too long to be told this was normal, I was just un lucky, maybe I was depressed........ Well after 30 years of constant pain yes it did get me down. It was lindle, an amazing lady on here that advised me. More than any doctor, now I'm having another lap on Jan 6 th with one off the best endo specialist. Hopefully yours will be different and they will talk through where you go from here. But I really do understand that feeling of being just left hanging. After the last lap and just being told it was the pain clinic for the rest of my women hood, I lost all hope and it was lindle who guided me through what to do next. She gave me hope back. I'm only saying this because if you don't get what you need from them don't give up hope like I did there will always be someone on here that can help you get the help and answers you need x I wish you a quick recovery big hugs

Kaysha x


Hi there!

Honestly, now I know what I really have, I was told absolute bullshit and tried to be made to take the medication so I wouldn't ask for more surgery, which I refused and asked for a referral because he wasn't skilled enough and just a condescending A-hole to honest!

They will tell you the medication options, say which is best for you etc.

Ask to see the pictures taken during the laparoscopy, to show you what is where,

Ask if he treated anything whilst in there, if so, how

ask what type of surgery they would do to remove it if you wanted further surgery,

Were they a specialist or a general gyna?

If just a general gyna, ask for a referral to a specialist on the BSGE list who will know more

if you are not happy with the medication they will offer, then emphasise that you don't want it and you want excision surgery.

just research as much as you can about the medication and further surgery options so you know where you stand and what you are happy to do.

Hope this helps a bit :) good luck xx


Thankyou both for your replies. Did the consultant say anything to having children to either of you?

I really want a baby and I think they are going to say to do it now. I've been off contraception for over a year though and nothing has happened.

Are either of you on any medication for endo?

Meganmae I think my consultant is just a general one X


On my first lap when I woke up, it was the first thing I asked, he said 'well you might find it very difficult' then changed It to 'I don't see why not but do it within 2/3 years' then the 2nd gyna refused to answer me until she had operated (which she hasn't) and now the 3rd has said that he is confident I will be able to get pregnant after this surgery. And I can honestly say I truly believe him because of his expertise and I don't feel pressure now to get pregnant straight away!

I was just on the pill and ibuprofen and just recently naproxen, a stronger ibuprofen.

This surgeon did tell me that the pill can take 6-12 months to go from your system fully when you stop taking it, so maybe it's still happening?

If you are really worried you could go to a fertility clinic? But he should tell you at the follow up if your tubes were clear etc

if you have been actively trying for over a year mention this at the follow up and see what he can suggest/ refer you to now xx


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