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Pain in early pregnancy with endo

Hi, I've just yesterday found out I'm pregnant, about four and a bit weeks. From three weeks I've been having pain like I've not had before in my lower abdomen. It almost feels like pulled muscles, like I've done a 100 sit ups and walking at my usual pace and even taking a deep breath is quite uncomfortable. Very hard to describe but kind of sharp and tender in places and I'm bloated too. I have endo on my p.o.d, uterus, bladder and on my ovaries with adhesions sticking my bladder and uterus together and my ovary to my appendix.

Has anyone else with endo experienced this in early pregnancy? I've heard of tender boobs and morning sickness but no one told me to expect this! It's beginning to ease now but I would be interested in hearing if anyone else has experienced anything similar xx

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Hi I think there growing pains as your body is getting ready for change! Maybe go doctors just in case. Your very lucky to have fallen pregeant with all those problems going on inside you! I have been trying for 1 year now and no luc. Had lap done 2 months ago so hoping that helps me to conceive. Congratulations x


I conceived through IVF and had pains from the beginning through until about 25 weeks. Including one episode at 11 weeks which was so severe I thought I was miscarrying. I believe it was firstly down to the uterus changing to accommodate the growing embryo and then later as I got bigger it was my adhesions tearing. Not nice I know but once it had torn the pain was gone. I have stage 4 so a lot of scarring to stretch. My son is now 8 months old.

All the best to you and congratulations. X


Thanks ladies. I have a doctors appoint next week so hoping to put my mind at rest then. This pregnancy is from IVF after trying for 2.5 years. Not only do we have endo to contend with but we have a male factor problem too so we're really surprised by the result.

Don't give up hope nd1987! A friend of mine with severe endo got pregnant naturally only a couple of months after her lap. I've heard this often happens. Good luck xx


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