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Swollen tummy after laparoscooy

Hello lovely ladies hope you are well

I had my lap on 3rd December where endometriosis was burnt off, I am on a 6 month temporary menopause to try and clear endio on my bowel. On decapeptyl injections and hrt. My stomach is still very swollen, would anyone know how long this lasts for please.

Many Thanks for your help much appreciated

take care all of you xx

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Hi Hun I only had mine yesterday so not ute how long the swollen lasts but sorry tmi did you have a watery dishcharge after bleeding? X


Hi sweeie yes I did have the watery discharge my knickers were wet as if I had wet myself, not very pleasant. Hope you recover really quickly. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help,

Take care and have a lovely Christmas x

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hope you are feeling ok today.

I had my lap (where they also burnt off some endo) last year, and have just finished 6 months on zoladex (for a temporary menopause), to be honest it was about a month that my tummy felt swollen, this frustrated me for a bit then a friend pointed out that a lot had just gone on in my abdomen and no wonder it was swollen! So, i would say be nice to yourself and take care. I hope once the tenderness goes away, coupled with the injections that the pain is better. My injections certainly helped with the pain a bit.



Hi Eri my lovely hope you are ok today.

Thank you so much for your reply I am wearing loose dresses at the moment because I can't stand anything tight around my tummy as swollen and sore inside, I have endio on my bowel so I am hoping the injections and HRT will help with that. Have a lovely Christmas and New year, I hope you will be pain free,

Take care sweetie x


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