Hi Ladies

I bought a book called 'Living well with endomitriosis---) by Kerry-Ann Morris. I started reading it today and its amazing all the facts accordin to endo.

Sometimes its really hard to be a female. Did anyone start the endo diet i feel like there is absolutely nothin one can eat. And oh God i have to give up my chocs, etc. i think i'll go on a hunger strike... This is such a BIG challenge for all of us

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  • Hi, where did you buy the book from, I'd like to have a read of that!! Also does it have diet advise in it? I've read so many differing diets that help so really don't know what to try for the best!


  • Hi Feekate

    On Amazon its $15.99.

    i would recommend this book to everyone, she spoke about things that i experience and most of us. I'm most of the time googleling and now i came across a diet book its called Recipes and diets advice for endo by Carolynn Levett theirs 'bout 260 tasty recipes. I've never been into cookin but since i have this endo i somehow fell inlove with healthy food . At first i thought i can eat absolutely nothin But this book changed my mind i think we have to be more creative in cookin and u know all of us have different endo...And even my hubby is happy when he sees me in the kitchen 😊Go on the app Pinterest theres also lovely recipes And izzy to prepare. Wish i a luvly wkend!!!

    Good luck 😊

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