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Just woken up from Lap!!

Feel abit dizzy and what not and my stomach hurts....


Showed me all the pictures taken - healthy ovaries and uterus!!!

In complete disbelief!!! What and how and what are my symptoms?!!!!

Checked behind my uterus - nothing...

Has it been missed?

If I had moderate/severe endometriosis would they have seen it?!!!!

Confused/feeling drunk/happy/drugged on morphine!! Hahaha

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Hiya Hun, hope ur ok and the pain killers are helping haha. You know you're own body best so keep going till you get the answers you deserve. I'm a week post op after a full hysterectomy and my surgery took nearly 5 hours cos the lap I had and the Mri scan didn't show just how bad my endo was and how bad my bowel and bladder were stuck together. I have fought this fight for nearly 10 years going back to doctors and hospitals and being told they couldn't find anything, so stick with how you feel and hopefully you will get the answers you deserve.

Sarah x

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Hope you're feeling okay with all the meds (they're a nightmare) Haha and that you're recovering ok!

I think as long as they have looked properly/fairly extensively they would of been able to see moderate endo via your laparoscopy- that's not to say it's not there.

When I had my last lap I was classified as moderate and they managed to find it on my left ovary and the back of my womb.

I totally agree with the other reply though- you know your body well enough to know something is going on. Endo can be easily missed if you haven't had a thorough investigation.

I have my 3rd lap in a few weeks to check/remove any endometriosis that might have come back as since my last op I've had constant pain and bladder and urinary issues. I've asked my gynecologist if he can extensively search my bladder in particular.

I know it's such a nightmare trying to get answers. It's worse when you're in so much pain and can't even pin point why. Just don't give up! Keep pestering them. There are private clinics over the UK with specialists that do really intensive searches- Mr trehan in particular from what I've seen/read but he is private and I imagine expensive :( I wish I could afford to see him but I can't 😕

Hope you feel much better and manage to get to the bottom of all your issues.



My first lap 3 years ago showed and found nothing! Everything looked find inside, yet I had all the symptoms and my doctor was convinced it was Endo!

October was my last lap, tho they went to to take out my appendix, it was then that they found the Endo blood and removed what they could!

So in my case, yes everything was fine the first time I did actually have Endo!! Keep pushing, it might mean another lap in the next year or so, but it could be worth it!!!



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