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Unusual pain in lower left side near ovary

Hi Ladies,

Hope your well!

I've been experiencing an unusual pain in my lower left side (endo pain is usually on right side) for about 5 days now when Just before I sit on the toilet and urinate. I'm thinking it could be a water infection maybe? The only other symptoms I got with it is that my urine is a very dark orange/yellow and it has an unpleasant smell. Just wondering if anyone else had this type of pain before?




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I had endo on both sides, but I felt it more in the left as that is where the bowel sits and I felt the pain worse in my bowel than the ovaries. My left ovary had also started to attach to the bowel which was increasing the pain.

Re bladder it sounds to me like you have it there too. I felt like I was still desperate for a wee even after I'd just been? Going over bumps in the car during a flare up also hurt massively. My wee too was darker. Re smell - I'm not sure.

If you're not due for a lap in the near future it would be worth drinking lots of water and cranberry juice to help if it is a bladder infection. Won't do any harm... And then if persists see if can get referred again to an endo specialist who looks after these areas not just the girly bits.

Having endo for years - the bladder bit was the hardest for me - as trying to ignore the feeling you're desperate for a wee all the time takes up a lot of space in your brain! Pain killers don't stop the nagging...



Thanks for your reply hun.

Yes I have bladder problems on a regular basis which is related to my endo. Such as burning pain when weeing, stomach swelling when my bladder is full and unpleasant dark orange urine. But like I said in the post I rarely have pain in this area so it must be something to do with my bladder. I was told my endo was on both sides too hun, but my pain is mostly on my right side, however I do have occasional left side pain but not the same as this.

Yes I also feel like I need to still pass urine even straight after I just did - strange one that is lol!

I will definitely try the drinks thank you! Like u said it won't do no harm.

Painkillers are sometimes my best friend or worst enemy lol! I take them on a daily basis and sooner or later the effects don't take away my pain because us endo sufferers obviously use them a lot more so they start to get used to our body :(

But thank you for your reply and advice I will definitely do what you have recommended.

Love Louise



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