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Constant pain and first appointment

Hi ladies, I hope you're all having a pain free evening! Unfortunately I'm not, sitting in my favourite place - in bed with a hot water bottle.

I've got suspected endo and I'm suffering from constant cramps every day, shooting pains in my ovaries and down my legs, along with pressure in my bum and trapped gas under my ribs. Opening my bowels is hell and I rely on paracetamol and wind ease tablets. I love food but I dread eating because the pain is unbearable.

My question is, do you experience these 'IBS' symptoms too? (I've been fobbed off with that diagnosis for 7 years. They make my life so boring and depressing, I've been off work for nearly 2 months and have been told I'll be getting statutory sick pay which is only £88 a week.

Finally, I've got my first gynae appointment on Wednesday and would like to know what to expect? Not sure if I should take my fiancé with me or if it'll be awkward with the examinations etc. I'm going to get a list of questions together before I go, but I'm adamant about having a lap and not any chemical injections or anything. The pill has done nothing for me.

Thanks for reading xx

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Sorry your suffering, I'm having a crap week too,

It's great that you no what you want defore going into the appointment, what I would say, is, write all your symptoms down and over the next week keep adding things that you forgot to put, any little niggle the area, draw pics if it's hard to say where it's hurting,

I think this helps otherwise we forget things and realise you haven't told him everything,

I would take you fella with you, it helps to have another pair of ears and it's good for him to hear it first hand too, and I think it shows commitment to your gyne,

You will probably be examined external and internal,

Lots of ladies have been previously diagnosed with Ibs, to then go on and get endo diagnosis,

Be stronge and precise about wanting a lap to get a final diagnosis

Good luck hunny, xxx

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Hi, thanks so much for replying :)

That's a good idea actually, I think I'll start a list and take that along with my questions. I'm not leaving there without a lap being considered! The gynae I'm seeing is the lead consultant at my local private hospital (through NHS) but he isn't listed on the BGSE list. Do you know if you can request a specialist for surgery?

Thanks so much for the advice and I hope you have a better day today xxx


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