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I saw my gynaecologist and she discharged me because 'there was nothing else she could do for me' - where do I turn now? She didn't want to do another lap as I had one last year which did confirm endo had it blazed off but since then things have got a whole lot worse! Sex is very pain ful. Stabbing pains in my bum and pelvi pain. I'm at a loss and have no idea where to turn. Can anyone advise please thanks x

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Go back to your go and ask to be referred to a BSGE specialist centre, have a look at the BSGE list and see if ones near you, I've got my first appointment with a specialist 18th Dec, go didn't know anything about the centres so make sure you take the details with you, look a lady up Lindle on here and check out her posts about finding a specialist,

Good luck



I think asking if u can be referred to a endometriosis specialist centre sadly I was the same and I just got the specialist told as I said I'm no better off suffering the same as you and Iv bern almost a year since my lap I'm now seeing a professor that done endometriosis training a laprospic surgery and he has been great with me I have to see him again in January sometimes it's worth pushing and don't give up till u are referred to a endometriosis specialist centre best of luck to u xx


Hi. I'm 29 and Was diagnosed with stage 4 endo 6 years ago. I've had nothing but problems with bleeding constantly everyday for the past 4 years. Ive had numerous hospital appointments at Lincoln and I was told the same thing by my Gynae at Lincoln hospital. I was told I had tried everything possible and that there's nothing more they can do for me.


I sat on my chair and I said to this poor lad (Gynae) I'm 29 years old and I've bleed for the past 4 years and I'm not bleeding everyday for the next 20 years of my life so I'm not moving from here until u do something about it.

😮 He was so shocked he stuttered and said urmmmm let me just go and see me gough. Off he trotted.

So I went in to see mr gough who then said there's nothing more they can do for me but they will refer me to an endo specialist centre.

Yayyyy 🙏🏼 finally something is gonna be done.

A few months later I was referred to the John Radcliffe women's centre in Oxford and was given an mri and another laparoscopy to remove endo.

Unfortunately this only cured me for 2 months and I'm back to bleeding :(

But the moral of the story is don't give up, fight until something is done. Sit on that chair until they refer to someone that knows what there talking about and dealing with.

Good luck 🍀


Thanks so much for your reply but I'm most definitely not giving up. Luckily I have the bleeding under control with the mirena coil but the pain is awful and S.I is also pain. I'm so so tired all the time I have no energy to ever do anything have you found that (or maybe I need to keep fit) lol the doctor is sending me to gastro now which I think is a waste of time but I'm more than happy to go and prove there is nothing gastro going one so once I've seen the gastro I'll lay it on thick lol surely there's something OR someone who can help us women! I want to feel human :)


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