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2 days post op

Hi all,

I'm two days post op and feeling a little annoyed. This is my third laparoscopy so I was expecting the removal of more endo, I came off my pill in January this year and the pains have been horrific ever since so I'm assuming the pill has been masking a lot of my endo. My previous ops was done two years apart but 5 years ago and on the last one I was told my ovary was stuck and released and that endo was removed. It wasn't explained very clear to me and I never had a follow up appointment just notes back to my gp who advised it was probably endo that had stuck my ovary down. Since that op up until January this year my pains haven't been so bad just mainly pain during sex and painful periods but since early this yearly be even back end of last year come to think of it was maybe just before I came off my pill I started to get constant pain. I'll get to point which is after this op i was told only minimal endo was going so he can't understand why I'm in so much pain all the time. He said something like an ovary is really quite enlarged but is normal something to with the pill then said something like there's a hole or scarring and when I release an egg this could be painful. Also they did a dye test and I've been told my tubes are okay. I know this info is not clear but that's why I'm so annoyed at myself as its all I can remember 😢 I was so bad with the anesthetic that I didn't ask what I wanted to ask and now beating myself up. I've been told there's no follow up appointment so I'm assuming just because he said its minimal endo removed no need for a follow up. I don't even know where the endo was or anything. I didn't get a sick note either so going to have to go to my GP not sure they'll have the notes back yet but I'll ask. I've never been under a specialist like follow up appointments or anything is this normal.

So sorry for the long winded post.

Thanks in advance


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Sorry just re-read that and it's not so clear, lack of sleep!!

Since early this year maybe*

Minimal endo was removed*


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