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Hi sorry this prob be a long post I'll try shorten I have suspected endometriosis but can confirm until I have laparoscopy which they won't do til I loose weight I can't get this weight off I'm in agony last month my period was 13 days late I then bled for 3 days lightly took two pregnancy test prior to period starting negative then after 3 days of light bleeding it stopped my tummy has swollen in the last week very bloated painful and tired and also terrible constipated and loose painful movements and also some blood in my stool on 3 occasion and I have a 6 months follow up with gyn tomorrow who told me to loose weight 6 months ago and come bk but if anything I have put weight on tummy bloated, also bk on 2007 I had large cyst removed and my right ovary I'm at my wits end I don't no Whatton say to this new gyn tomoz or what my options are for investigation anyone any advice thanks

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I am overweight and need to lose about 5 stone (already lost 11lbs so far). All my life any medical issue I have been told need to lose some weight before they can do anything except for when it came to endometriosis, in my first appointment the consultant booked me in for a laparoscopy and gave me the date he had booked it in for. it's booked for 25th January.

Not once has any one mentioned that I need to lose weight for surgery. I just decided to do it on my own.

I have also had stomach problems with bloating etc and have cut out eating wheat. I have only been doing it for a week but have already noticed a big difference.

Regarding tut gyn appointments, I would get a second opinion, are you seeing an endo specialist? After reading different responses on here before my first appointment I looked up BSGE accredited centres. Luckily I was already refered to the BSGE centre at Birmingham women's hospital.

Hope this gets sorted for you soon


Hey, have they checked you for polycystic ovaries? This can cause a lot of problems with weight and would explain the irregular cycles too.

I think your best bet is to try and take action with your weight - this is coming from somebody who's lost 7st - yup a whole person of weight! I lost the first 4 through changes in meds/ increasing activity. Then I used weight watchers app - I am terrible at dieting and really lazy with exercise etc. This really worked for me and shifted the final 3, I wanted to lose more but am now pregnant. Honestly it is really addictive to use and straightforward. I also went on the endo diet (see endo resolved website), cut out red meat, eggs and dairy - saw a real difference. Struggled to cut out wheat completely, but a friend of mine has lost piles of weight doing that - she was also once a size 22 - now about a 12. I know it's annoying and you just want the surgery to feel better. Your doctor is probably looking at things from a whole body perspective - if you're carrying a lot of excess weight this puts pressure on all your body systems and makes you an increased surgery risk. Also bear in mind high fat tissue in the body increases your level of estrogen, which in turn increases your fat deposition and so on like a vicious circle. The main thing you want to do with endo is lower your estrogen levels to limit disease growth so tackling the weight is a big issue in your overall health. You can get support from your gp - referral to nutritionist, even free gym membership - you could try swimming for low impact.

Trust me I am no health buff and not skinny now by any means, but I know where you're at - all I can say is how worth it it was for me. Wishing you lots of luck xx

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I am trying but weights going up n up


Awww no! Have they checked your thyroid function or discussed pcos? How did you get on with Endo diet/weight watchers - they've an offer at the moment lose 10lbs in first 8wks or get your money back x


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