Hi all, I'm so angry right now, my pain is getting worse again after a lap and removal of endo in March and a hysterectomy in July for adeno, I though I would be recovered great for X as, nope, I feel like crap, but so much anger,

Feed up with what we have to deal with,

The only positive is no more periods, and they where alful,

Just feel like screaming really loud,

Can't wait to see my first specialist on the 18th, fingers crossed he will fix me, xxx

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  • Oh lordy lord are you STILL having problems? You must be so cross and understandably. So what do you think is happening now? X

  • I have only one thing to think, my surgeon didn't get all the endo, and that's still causing me pain, I'm feeling better than before my hysterectomy, so I obviously needed that to cure the adeno,

    I'm thankfully see a specialist this time, so fingers crossed, he will agree to have another look inside and exsice what he finds, again I have the worry of nothing being found, but last time they found double what I was expecting,

    Just so angry and fed up,


  • Bet you are just endless isn't it x

  • Hi Tboag. Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. I'm still dithering about hysterectomy for adeno...

    Hopefully a good specialist will do thorough excision of any endo for you next time.

  • That's the plan, fingers crossed, I defo feel better after my hysterectomy, my adeno just just alful, I think I recovered really well from op, good luck with what ever you decide.. How old are you?

  • I'm 50 this month!!!!!

    Which is why I've not had surgery -was told it should resolve with menopause but sign of that yet! My mum hit menopause around 54, I think so if I'm like her it could be too long to wait!

    How old were you when you had your hysterectomy?

  • Don't give up many docs can't get it all. Ive had 3 surgerys. . Getting ready.for the 4th. I'm seeing a major specialist thia time too. So many docs with fragile egos wld rather sacrifice your health for their weak egos. BASTARDS! KEEP GOING I KNOW ITS STRESSFUL IT WILL KEEP SPREADING IF U DONT TAKE CARE OF IT. IT HAS COST ME JOBS. I HAVE CRIED IN DOC OFFICES. Try HAVING YOUR BLADDER STUCK TO YOUR SMALL INTESTINE. NOW ITS IN MY BOWELS. Not going back to same doc that removed it that time bcuz the bowel is a completely diff story. He shld have sent me to a specialiat. But the ego wldnt let him. I'm looking for a new gyno.I've had relief before so don't give up. No estrogen remember it stimulates endo. t soy can b in foods ur consuming b careful of foods containing soy its estrogen derived. God Bless!

  • Thank you for your reply, your right about these surgeons, if they know about the specialist centres they should accept that they can do a better job and pass us over, I think them seeing it a pond dealing with it is even worse than not finding all the endo.


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