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So much pain


Sorry ladies, I really need a rant.

Major pain in my left pelvis all week and today it's moved across to the right and is excruciating! Iv had cocodamol and nurofen every 4 hours but it isn't touching it.

I'm tired! Stressed out about how I will get through tomorrow! I can't sleep because the pain is so bad. And I had a waste of time, disheartening appointment with the bowel surgeont today so I'm generally a grump.

But my kids still need ironed school clothes, lunch, dinner, driven from club to club and my clients need their reports.


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Hi Sam, rant , rant away ... Sometimes it's all we can do. I'm lay here too in so much pain I'm so tired but the pain is keeping me awake. I feel like I'm in labour with no little lovely bundle of joy to make the pain all worth it when it's all over. And it's never over. I've got two 3 years olds that are going to be up in 5 hours. I'm so sick of being so sick and tired !!!!!! I'm always telling myself there's always someone worse of and there is, I only have to read the posts on here to know that but it's still not fair ,for you ,for me ,for them. Anyway I did not reply to go on about me I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and your not alone and that I really feel your pain and I hate it too. Big hug Kaysha x

Sam341 in reply to Kaysha40

Aww thank you!

Feel free to rant!!

Iv just sat and watched 24 hours in A&E to try and remind myself how minuscule my problems actually are. It did work, until I started getting annoyed at how nice and helpful the DRs are. I only seem to meet Drs who are unhelpful arrogant snobs!

Needless to say I went and made the lunches instead of watching tv.

Shame sorry to hear you so sore Hun, it's so annoying isn't it, have you tried dyhyracodenie and paracetomal every 4 hours the hospital recommended it for me and it does work though the constipation is a pain, I also take gabapentin for nerve pains and it's great I have just been upped to 6 a day and they do take take the pain away Hun, have you tried a tens machine, so places hire them out and I also think some surgeys have rental services, I also use tiger balm and rub it over my entire belly it soothes pain for a little, feel so sorry for you Hun and here if you need a chat, rant away that's what we here for. Laughing at your comment 24 hours n a&e it's amazing how helpful, accomadating, nice and get things done those staff are maybe we should phone Local TV and get them to do a documentary on the wards we have to go to 😂😂 take care Hun xxxx

Sorry you struggling so much I totally feel your pain.... I had all my endo removed last year and then a hysterctomy this year for adeno... The consultant said he could not see anymore endo and it should stay away now as no more womb for cells to migrate from... I had 6 months pain free... and it's crept back and some days are just soooo ok sore. I have found that I'm more angry and down this time and have found I have no energy for anything.... kids annoy me, and I have come to hate my job so much because it's too stressful to cope with it so tired and sore... I'm a nurse. And have had to down size my hours and ask to triage in the office just to get through but still hate every morning I have to get up and go.... HATE IT ALL SO MUCH. Now I worry about money, stressed even more and guilty that I'm so miserable as worry the kids will get unhappy.... when will it end for us all... hugs honey xx

Tboag in reply to Mistiek

Hi, misteik, I'm the same as you had removal of endo in March and a hysterectomy in July, and I'm still in pain, I've got an appointment with a BSGE specialist on the 18th, so see what he says, it's just a night mare,

Sam341. You rant away girl, it's very hard dealing with every day life when you feel ill so often, it's even harder to get people to understand,

Docs in front of cameras a, lol,

We all need to stay positive as much as possible, and try to make sure we get to the good appropriate docs, wish I had seen a specialist right from the off,


You ladies are so lovely and most of you's have it so much harder than I do, I appreciate the fact you's can sympathise with me who hasn't been through half of what you's have.

Today is better! Thank god. I'm really taking it easy today and hopefully that will help.

I can normally cope pretty well with the pain. Iv came off most my meds because I'm not getting anywhere with drs and hate being on medication long term. For a couple of months I was doing good and managing the pain on my own but this week I'm on everything I have.

Take care and thank you again for your replys!

Hi I really sympathise with you. So sorry that u r struggling at the moment. I am currently sat in my bed with hot water bottles.. dosed up on tramadol and mefenmic acid and it's not touching me either. I can't stop crying and I feel like I'm constantly having contractions with no rest!! My 2nd lap is in a week I cannot wait for it!! I wish I could zap it all away I really do. It's such a mentally and physically draining thing to deal with. I've been signed off work for 2 months now due to my pain whilst I wait for my op but I can see them giving me the sack soon!! :( does sitting in certain positions help you? X

Sam341 in reply to Alison1990

Awww, I hope they can remove everything during the lap for you. Not really noticed a position that helps. I was able to sleep last night by lying on my belly with a heat pad under me.

I know what you mean about work. I am pushing myself to go to work but only because I think my clients are getting a bit annoyed with me.

Hope you feel better soon

Alison1990 in reply to Sam341

Bless ya I wish u could sleep on my front as that's always been my sleeping position but even the slightest bit of pressure on my tummy is too much :/ sleeping on my back now and it's soooo boring!! Lol. I find that pulling ur knees up2 ya chest and sitting like that helps relieve the pain. I know right! I get angry with myself for feeling guilty having mor time off! But I have come to realise now that it cannot be helped and I'm not well and I can't control what's happening so im learning to accept it all. Hard tho sometimes :( I'm assuming ur self employed? Xx

Sam341 in reply to Alison1990

Yes, I only started up in January as a bookkeeper and I am from a very small place so it is hard to get business close to home, I'm lucky I have one client who I work for weekly but he will get someone else if I keep leaving early or calling in sick especially when I am only meant to be there 8 or 16 hours a week.

Plus my kids need me. I don't look ill so I do not have anyone who understands I'm struggling.

This week has just been a very bad week. Hopefully the flare up will flare down soon!

I hope you all feel well soon ladies

Alison1990 in reply to Sam341

Aww hun I'm so sorry ur struggling. I wish I could help :( is there anybody that is supporting you? I.e partner etc? It's hard to deal with all of this alone. X

Sam341 in reply to Alison1990

Hi Alison, yeah I have a partner but between work, kids and building a house he doesn't really have time to do much for me and I can tell he is fed up with me moaning. My best friend had just had a 2 year fight with breast cancer and is just nasty to me now because she knows her fight was much harder than mine. Which I don't blame her for. I need to just man up really and get on with it. Needing to find a bit more fight in me 😊

One thing I'm learning Is that we should not beat ourselves up over things we cannot control or feel guilty, even tho its easier saying that doing. Sorry to hear about ur best friend seems to me that ur both going through some mentally challenging times. Not alot of people are educated about this disease. I can relate in a way tho as my sister in law recently passed away due to lukimia and I thought man up it could be worse! but at the same time were living beings experiencing pain and suffering. Be kind to urself :) xxx

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