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Endo and something else

Hi ladies,

I am also new to this website, as I just got Visanne from my gynecologist this morning but I haven't made up my mind if I am gonna take it or not. So i did a little bit research on google, and it brings me here.

Well I am not new to Endo though, and my first surgery was done in 2010 back when I was 25 leaving a giant ugly cut on the abdominal area to remove the chocolate cyst on left oval, and ever since after I followed TCM - yes Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am living in Europe so I takes me efforts to maintain such medication as my Chinese gynecologist could no longer get access to me every month to change/adjust the ingredients for me. But I am still drinking those brownish super disgusting drinks almost every day from my visits back home. My doctor is a local famous one for Endo in Shanghai, and based on the huge samples she has for TCM treatment, I could put my trust on her. Meanwhile I do regular ultra sonic checks like max. once every 3 months. But here my German Frau Doctor disagrees with TCM and prescribes me Visanne. So I read a lot but I still decide not to take it, because I have a regular menstruation nowadays with controllable pains and my sex life was so far still OK.

The only problem I think I am with Endo is, I constantly get "advised" by everybody who knows about me having it saying I NEED TO FIND SOMEONE AND GET A BABY, ASAP. This disturbs me a lot. Recently I just got broke up with my bf of 4 years and I think partly because he also sensed the pressure of me being eager to settle down and have a baby while he was never ready. So it ends up sad for me, and now I don't have anyone who take cares of my monthly pain anymore. So I have to take better care on my own.

Anyway, I guess I just need a place to say something, because I am still depressed. May or may not have something to do with Endo, but this is part of me, like my surgical scars. Do you ladies have some idea the possibility of fertility after some years of having Endo? I want to stay positive but frankly I am not comfortable with sharing my situation among my "normal" girlfriends in reality. Many thanks.



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Sending you hugs x

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