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I had my lap on Thursday 3rd December I have endio and a section of tissue was burnt off. I also have endio on my bowel. The surgeon thought the op would be too big after 2 incisions, so the bowe, was left so to try and treat the bowel I am on a 6 month temporary menopause. I had my 1st injection vin my tummy on thursday got my next one in march and I have been putvon hrt, After thevoo j bled but now I have a clear wet discharge which has a little smell, is this anything anyone else has had. Thank you lovely ladies xxx janet

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  • Whilst on the injections I sometimes had clear discharge and sometimes I didn't but I definitely smelt different, not offensive just different, is this similar? If so you'll find you'll feel and smell differently down there x

  • Thank you so much for your reply I actually had 3 incisions not 2 I do feel exhausted and no energy. The discharge does sound like yours. Looking forward to recovering. Hope you feel better soon really appreciate your help and advice take care lovely xxx

  • Hi there my lovely just another wuick question if I may, did you notice you were passing water more frequently after the lap and injection. I am getting up in the earky hours of the morning which I didn't do before, my emotions are also up and down. Thanks for your help don't feel quite so aline with this on here xx

  • That's okay no problem at all! It feels good to take with people who understand I don't feel so crazy with all my symptoms. Yes I did, sometimes I'd wake up needing a wee so much my bladder hurt and I was so impatient and irritable I felt so bad for my boyfriend I was always snapping at him x

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