2nd Lap - and I'm ill!

Hi All!

So I have my second laparoscopic excision surgery this upcoming Friday, but I am ill and worried they won't go ahead!

I have an incredibly sore throat and I can barely talk, that's alongside quite a violent cough to the point I'm coughing up blood :(

I've been to the GP. No sign of a fever and my chest is clear, so it all seems to be in my throat.

Has anyone else had this issue and what has been the decision with your surgery?

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  • Hi

    I doubt you will have surgery whole unwell. Especially with a cough as it is dangerous for them to put you under a general - when you go to you pre op they will be able to defiantly let you know - from past experience it has always been a No -

    Good Lick and I hope you feel better soon

  • I've actually not had a pre-op. I had a pre-op in March for my first lap that was in June. I was meant to have my second lap in September but I postponed it. So they did a telephone pre-op at the end of June when I was booked in for my second lap.

    No pre-op since.

    I'm hoping it clears up soon!

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