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I am doing an AMA on my facebook if you want to get involved!

Lately I have received messages from different people saying they had friends has been diagnosed with endo and they would pass me details on to get in touch, these messages have inspired me to do a sort of AMA (Ask Me Anything). Most of my ramblings are things that I would have liked to have seen when I was searching the web for an insight into endo, but now I would like to provide any experience I can for people searching for particular answers they have not yet found. So if you have endo, your friend, partner, mother, sister, cousin or whoever has endo and you have a specific question you want to ask please send me a PM on my facebook page or through reddit. I am not a medical professional so I cannot recommend a drug or treatment but I can give is an insight into my opinion and experiences. Because I dont have time to do a live AMA I will collate all the questions and my answers and post them too

No topic is off limits, com’mon and AMA!


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