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Post op pain- 3 weeks later not sure what to do?

I had ovrian drilling and removal of endo from a few different places including my ovaries bowel pouch of Douglas, I'm currently taking my meteforim for my pcos. I've decided not to take any pill due to endo spreading so much so me and my partner are going to hope something happens. The past few days I've been in so much pain ,more pain then what I was before surgery, to the point where I can't sleep. Was very tempted to visit the hospital I was feel that bad but I know they wouldn't be able to do much. I'm not to sure what to do? Has anyone got any advice in a similar situation, I'm currently taking mst and pregabblin as well

Thank you all xxx

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Hi my first 3 weeks post lap were painless. It was week 3 I started getting the familiar pains back and this went on until I was 4 months post op. Now everything has settled down and I only get the odd twinge. I didn't take any hormonal treatment after surgery either although I had the novasure procedure to try and stop my periods. If you are worried you should speak to your GP x


I suffered a lot after my surgery in July when endo was found and treated in the pouch of douglas, left pelvic side wall and uterovesical fold. I telephoned the ward at the hospital and checked in with my consultant in the days and weeks following, as I wasn't sure if the pain I felt was normal. I relied on Tramadol to help, but found this offered little relief at times and I too was tempted to go to A&E. I think everybody just responds and recovers differently, but you should reach out to your consultant for advice/help if things continue. I went to visit mine three weeks after surgery before my scheduled follow-up. Always best to express your worries and get things checked. Hope you're feeling better soon.


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