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1st post, Endo help + 2 time trying to conceive


Im new here! I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with trying to get pregnant a 2nd time?

It took us nearly 2 years to get pregnant with my son, and that only happened after I had a laparoscopy and Endometriosis was diagnosed, and removed during the op. I got pregnant a month after the op!

I went to see the doctor who treated me 3 years ago back in June, as a check up as I wanted to know the score with endo returning, she has booked a follow up appointment in January if I haven't fallen pregnant by then, I haven't yet! Ive been doing ovulation test to help! My doctor did mention in June that the amount of endometriosis I had shouldn't of affected me getting pregnant back then, but im sorry it was not a coincidence it took 2 years of nothing, and then I have it removed and get pregnant straight away!!!

Has anyone got any experience of this? Did you have another op?

Thankyou for your help. x

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Hi I feel your pain. The exact same thing has happened to me although I have been trying for a year. I had a lap done last month and more endrometrios wad removed and my ovary was stuck to my uterus. I also had a dye test done to make sure my tubes were not blocked. I also had adhesions removed from my old op on 2012. Basically I think you should go to the docs and also for a ultrasound to make sure the cysts haven't returned and ask for a dye test. I am really hoping this month I have proved successful as the rate for preganacy is meant to improve after the dye test as it cleans out the tubes. Good luck!


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