Extreme tiredness and confusion over symptoms :(

Hi all, I'm new to this community and decided to join to see if anyone can help. I'm 27. I had an operation in January to remove endometriosis from my womb and between my front and back passage and a cyst from inside my ovary. Since I have again suffered with bad symptoms of endometriosis, however this last month I haven't actually been that bad, although for the last 2 weeks I'm so exhausted! I could literally sleep for days! I feel on an emotional roller coaster some days I could cry at anything other days i feel so grumpy inside and I know I am but can't snap out of it. Iv never been so tired and wondering although symptoms haven't been so bad this month, could the tiredness be related? I'm still on the pill which i was told to help prevent more cysts and to keep the lining thin. Anyone else had problems with extreme tiredness? Any advice on what can help? Thank you x

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  • I feel ur pain I also have endometriosis and I've had 2 ops and still feel so ill all the and really shitse

  • Yep the fatigue can be a symptom I believe it's also mentioned on the endo charity website. It's horrible I know when I'm bad I've been known to sleep all day xxxx

  • I had endo surgery in June and the exhaustion has been awful. I saw the doctor and my ferritin levels were low I think because me periods were so heavy after the surgery. Anyway I have been taking an iron supplement which has other B vitamins in it to help with fatigue. I've also had acupuncture which has been so good and made me feel like a new person. As others have said unfortunately tiredness seems to go with endo but maybe get some blood tests done to make sure iron and thyroid levels are ok. Take care.

  • Thank you all. Yes think it's time for bloods as I am too exhausted, I thought of taking iron and vitamins, going to book an appointment and see what's best to take and see what bloods say. I have enquired about acupuncture but they never came back to me, going to give them a call today. Heard few good story's with acupuncture and endo. Thanks again X

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