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Endo Pain

Hi I'm due to have my second laparoscopy in the next week. I am 19 years of age and have been suffering for the past 2 years since having my son. My pains don't seem to just occur during ovulation. They used to but now I feel sharp pains most days and I've noticed they're getting worse. They also become excruciating when I'm actually on my period and I'm finding myself practically living in the hospital now. Is this normal ? Just looking for similar stories because I feel so alone in this. My work are being awful about it because they say that it's just a more painful and heavy period. But I know that it's so much worse than they could begin to imagine. It's taken over my life and I feel drained both physically and emotionally.

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Hi - are you being dealt with in an endo centre as it sounds like you have had endo missed. It might be in deep places that have been missed in general gynaecology. Pain all the time is often caused by scar tissue (adhesions) and/or nerve involvement. It is very important to get proper treatment early on as pain can become chronic as nerves become sensitised with pain meds becoming less and less ineffective.

Click on my name and have a look at my post on rectovaginal endometriosis. You may not have deep involvement but it is as well to be aware of it. Also look at my post on how to find a specialist. This information leaflet may be helpful with regard to your employer:



Evening :-) I have pain simular to yours. I've had one lap and have the 2nd booked next month. From the beginning I've had pain every day practically, not just when I'm on. It feels like an ache all the time, and I'm aware of it constantly, but then I get sharp stabbing pains alongside it every day. Sometimes it can be triggered by something I've done like over doing it by walking to much, stretching, even getting off the sofa at times can lead to me ending up dropping to the floor in pain.

I completely agree, it does take over your life. Your either feeling pain, waiting for the sharp bouts of pain or feeling like a fraud if the pain doesn't come when others think it should! It's all i think about and I feel like most of the time it has become all i am. It makes me wonder if we all just had endometriosis but it was a painless condition i wonder how much better we'd all feel? We all feel alone but visiting on here you quickly realise your not. I hope you feel better soon :-) x


You need excision surgery. If your next surgery isn't excision don't do it. Be smart, have it done right.



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