Loosing my chance

I am just finishing my course of Zoledex injection. Been on it for a year and had my specialist appiontment yesterday and he told me I have to opinions when my injection runs out. I either try and conceive within the next year by myself because that will be my one and only chance doing it all naturally or I go back on tri cycling the pill and risk not being able to conceive at all. I have until the 18th of December to decide what I'm going to do, the worst part of it is, is that I'm ready to try to conceive but my partner isn't. He said he does want children with me but not any time in the near future as he isn't ready. I'm 22 and he's 23. I don't want to miss my one and only chance but then I don't want to push him into doing anything. My head is so confused and my heart is hearing so much! I don't know what to do! Need some advise :'(

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  • Relationships can cone and go but if u have a slim chance of conceiving and u know u need to act sooner rather than later me personally would try to have a child as I have been told the same thing. I need to have them now or never basically and I'm not mentally ready for this even tho its all ive ever wanted. Me and my partner have been trying 4 2 years now and still nothing. I understand your frustration and I hope u make the right decision :) all the best xxx

  • What a difficult situation. Is your family supportive of your wish to conceive? Alison is right, relationships do come and go, but the support of your family will make a huge difference. The problem is, I guess, that you can't force your partner into conceiving a child he does not want. Does your partner understand that you either conceive now or not at all?

    I hope you can find a solution, let me know how it goes xxx

  • Iv been giving the same option go on injections for six months Iv also been giving the choice of accupuncture and stay on my pain meds and try for another baby but my husband is happy for us to try for another baby but I think u should try and talk to your bf as u could lose out on your only chance of having a family wish u the best of luck xx

  • Hi, I'm so sorry to hear your really difficult dilemma. I guess the first thing to say though is that the deadline the doctor has given sounds ridiculous- it's not a make or break decision that has to be decided in the next 3 weeks! I would advise you to arrange to discuss this with another doctor - the nicest gp at your practice hopefully and also think about whether they can refer you (urgently) for some counselling for you and your partner - they may be able to access this through a counsellor at your nhs fertility centre as they would be the most ideal. Your other option could be trying Relate, a local charity may often employ counsellors or therapists or finding a private counsellor or therapist through UKCP or BACP. Good luck x

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