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Should I come off the pill (Cerezette)?

Hello. I've done a little searching on this forum to see if I can find anything that might help my question but from what I found, I think most of it is about the differences between treatments and the benefits etc, but I'm sorry if this has been asked before!

I had a laparoscopy when I was 22 and had endo confirmed. They didn't give me any other info about it's spread, stage or anything. I had been on the combined pill since I was 15 yrs old and they said that that might have helped control the symptoms. My symptoms where painful periods, painful intercourse and IBS type symptoms. I was advised to take the pill back to back with only about 2 breaks or so a year. I was put on cerezette about 5 years ago, which has stopped my periods completely and my endo continues to be controlled quite well.

Since moving countries, I've managed to come off all over meds for my asthma, allergies and headaches and I only have the pill left. I would LOVE to be completely medication free as I can't ever remember a time when I haven't been on something. Also, I find the whole doctors thing here intimidating and the receptionist is a complete dragon!

So, do you think I should try coming off the pill and see how I am (I can always go back on it)? Or do you think I should stay on it because the endo seems to be controlled with it? I'm assuming because the pill seems to control it, that it is mild?

Sorry for the huge post but I wanted to give some detail as to my thoughts behind the question! Thanks x

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It couldn't hurt to come off it briefly to see how it goes, as long as you're prepared for the potential effects. It's your body sh you do what's right and what you feel would be best.

When you mentioned that you think your endo must be mild as its controlled by the pill, unfortunately that's not necessarily the case. I have severe endo and cerazette stopped my periods and all symptoms.

Good luck if you do decide to try without the pill x


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