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I went to see my consultant regarding diagnosis after lap 5 weeks ago. No obvious endometriosis was found so I am happy about that, but my bowel is wrapped around my left ovary and it is buried in scar tissue my right ovary and tube look normal but it is stuck to my stomach wall and my womb Is also stuck to my stomach wall, and some parts of my bowel are in the wrong place. He thinks this is due to the op I had when I was a baby. Any similar story's would be great or info. He plans on removing adhesions via lap and also will do a dye test. I will need bowel prep also. Just worried about how adhesions may affect my fertility as we are trying for a baby. Thanks :)

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Hi if your on fbk theres a private group calles A.R.D adhesions related disorder. Im on it. Its amazing. Theres no bitchyness everone gets on. Giving really good advice

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