Hi all. I'm wondering if anyone can help. I have been diagnosed with endo on both my right and left side. My right ovary is completely covered and I have cysts low down on my left. I'm waiting to see consultant on Monday but hysterectomy has been mentioned. Has anyone had a hysterectomy and been left with one ovary? If you have have u has to take the hormone replacement tablets? And have you lost your sex drive or have difficulty in having sex? I can't seem to find the answer on google and I'm worried it may cause problems in my relationship. Thanks x

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  • Yes & believe me do yourself a favor and get rid of all your parts on both sides its better to do it all at once instead of twice on moving your ovaries & felopian tubes

  • Mother was left one Ovary and got cancer of the Ovaries anyway. She is resistant to Chemo drugs....???? They don't know?? We need advice.

  • Hi there,

    Do you suffer from Adenomyosis as well? I only ask because studies show that hysterectomy does not cure Endo. I had chosen to undergo a full hysterectomy this summer and after reading the meaterial on relapse percentages, I changed my mind. I'm still wanting a child and so this is also part of my decision (though Endo and Lupron had its part in ending my 5 year relationship) I don't know what your particular situation is, but I found a lot of useful information on the support page through FB called 'Nancy's Nook' it's American but the members are of all creeds and countries, I really hope you find an answer specific to your case. I fully understand the thoughts and worries associated with the decision you're contemplating.


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