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Mirena back pain

Hello ladies, I had the Mirena Coil fitted 4 days ago. It was the best option for me since my periods are extremely heavy and I can't take most pills because of my family's health history with strokes. I'm 28 and no children, the insertion was painful and I nearly fainted. I had some minor bleeding the first day then nothing. Last night I started having really bad lower back pain. I've used a heat pad, pain killers, hot showers, nothing seems to be helping. Has anyone else had back pain on the Mirena? How long did it take to subdue?

Thank you in advance!

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I can only tell you from my experience I tried the coil for a year and a half and the back pain never went ( for me) I had more pain with the coil than with the endo it was treating. I did have less bleeding I always bled but not nearly has much. But I had lots of other problems with it so for me never ever again. But the doctors will have you thinking these little miracle devices couldn't possibly cause you any problems so trust yourself you know your own body best big hugs x


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