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Bad consultant experience

Hi guys

I saw a new consultant in Blackpool this week and all I can say is he was horrendous. He was so rude, patronising and arrogant. He told me I was to go on the injection which I refused (personal reasons due to hormones not agreeing with me and not wanting them stuck in me for months)

He then told me i probably had a sti which I don't! He didn't even ask if me and my partner used condoms he just assumed I didn't. He then examined me was really rough and the pain was so overwhelming I cried and he sent me on my way in tears with antibiotics. He was horrible, made me weary now.

I have been advised to go Liverpool women's instead, do they offer a walk in service or do I have to convince my GP to send me there

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Hello Kayjane I don't know the answer to your question but I would put in a complaint against this consultant. Don't let him intimidate you. Look up the contact number for the PALS service at Blackpool and they will tell you how to complain. You can write to the chief executive and put your complaint in writing. Also tell your GP about your experience. Rude doctors need dealing with. Did you have a chaperone when he examined you? If not, were you offered a chaperone? It would usually be a nurse - was she not supportive of you? Why did he give you antibiotics. Did he have evidence that you have an infection? I hope you have someone who can support you at this time and be really kind and sympathetic so that you will feel better after this horrible experience. xx


Yes there was a nurse she could see I was upset but she did nothing.

Antibiotics were given to "cover an infection" no proof of this, no symptoms of an infection and I was treated for a bacterial one a few weeks back after a swab results by my GP. I just found him so rude and made me feel like I was a immature girl who didn't know what she was on about


I have just posted about my awful experience with a consultant, and I have lodged a complaint with PALS. Telling you that you probably have an STI is disgusting - he has no right to do that. Did he offer to test you? Why has he given you antibiotics. The medical profession needs to work according to an evidence base and it is absolutely inappropriate to dish out potential diagnoses and indeed antibiotics without evidence (antimicrobial resistance?!)

Put a complaint in - you deserve to be treated with respect. It won't take away the experience you had sadly, but it will help stop this consultant from behaving like this in future. Good luck x


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