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Fed up 😠

Had a uti which required a two week course of three lots of antibiotics. This led to my laparoscopy being rearranged from the 10th November to 11th December! This has been going on for over 2 years and after when I thought I was going to have both ovaries removed I find I have to wait again 😟 I'm unsure as to what to do as this is so close to Christmas but I need to have the procedure any advice?


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Hi my advice would be if this has been going on that long and you need the lap, do it. There will be other Christmas's. If it makes you feel any better mines on 21st December! And I felt the same but I need it so I suppose not much choice. :-(

Just think on the plus side 2016 might have a little less pain!

I don't know if this was the advice you wanted. It's just what I've been telling myself as I'm a HUGE Christmas lover and I'm trying to convince myself.

Hope everything goes well :-) x

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Hi cakegirl25, your advice is greatly appreciated and makes a great deal of sense hope your lap goes well too 😀


I'm still recovering from a massive UTI so I can relate to the horrible antibiotics etc! As for the lap, do it otherwise you'll have to wait to the new year, I know it's not ideal but at least your mind will be put to rest x

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Hi thanks Lcbox I'm just going to have it in December I waited too long now. Hope your well


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