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I had my appointment with my surgeon today and thankfully he doesn't think that my Endometriosis has grown back in just a year, he looked at pictures of what he did during my operation last year and he said there wasn't enough Endo left for it to grow back this quickly.

However I am now up in arms about what is going on regarding my stomach pains and bowel problems. He thinks I have suspected IBS so has given me tablets to try for 2 months and if no better I have to go back to the GP and see what they can do for me and hopefully will investiage further. Does anyone else suffer with IBS? I have been told about a certain diet, but I don't feel like the pain or bowel problems I am getting gets any worse or better when I eat.

My surgeon also thinks that my mirena coil isn't working as it should as I am still getting irregular bleeding and pains during my period. He has advised me to have it removed and go back onto the pill. But I have no idea what pill to go on, I've been on lots in the past but I found ones with a lot of Progestegon in affected me mentally.

I kinda wish it was my Endometriosis playing up again because at least I would know what is going on!

Very fed up :(

Any comments on people who also suffer with IBS or what kinda pill seems to be the best to stop periods or at least ease the bleeding and pain would be appreciated :)


Shell x

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