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Merina issues

Hi there I really need some advice !!

Alright I am 19 and have had period problems from the very beginning. This year I went to the gyny and he decided to do a scope for endo and the insertion of the merina. So they did find the endo and treated it accordingly. Roughly two weeks later I was admitted to the hospital after being rushed to the emergency room due to intense pain, it was nearly unbearable, it felt as if my insides were burning with dry ice. So after getting admitted I was taken for X-rays and the only thing they found was that my stomach was not working, so they said it was due to constipation. My gyny did another ultrasound and we found a cyst about the size of a tennis ball that had collapsed which was the cause for the pain and also the problem with my stomach. So I was discharged and sent home after some medication. Next few months was a ride I had awkward spotting and my stomach was working but extremely slowly. I do gym and found myself just remaining bloated no matter how hard I tried. So 4 months later everything went normal no more pain or spotting and a light period. But I was still a bit bloated I thought it was me just not eating well enough or the merina because a side effect is weight gain. But here is where the problem came in last week I was out and the next thing I knew was my left side of my pelvis was in a lot now pain, I couldn't move without feeling the intense pain. So eventually it died down but I could still feel the throbbing. When I got home I noticed that there was a hard mass on the left side of my Pelvis. It wasn't exactly tender just really uncomfortable. I left it. The next morning I awoke with pain which gradually grew worse until I was relying on pain meds. My mom said it might just be some swelling of the glands or a slight kidney infection. So then throughout the weekend the pain grew so badly that I slept every second I could get not to mention I started getting a bad flu at the time which also grew worse. Yesterday I noticed my stomach was no longer working again. Soon the lump has now started forming on the other side. So I took meds to help get my stomach working and so far it has and the pain had died down and so has a bit of the bloating. The problem now is still the lumps which are still causing pain. I cant lie on my stomach or my sides without causing discomfort or pain.

I am going to the doctor tomorrow to see what happens.

But I have a feeling the marina is involved just from reading other symptoms from other woman who also had the marina.

Please if anyone has had any advice for me I would really appreciate it 💕

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Sorry for the spelling everyone its Mirena not merina my phone autocorrect!! -.-


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