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Some advice

Hi there

I was just wanting some advice. 7 weeks ago I finally got long awaited key hole surgery to see if there was anything going on. My consultant wasn't very interested and had asked me a few times was I sure my pain wasn't wind!!! But they found endo on the back wall of my womb which they dealt with and I also got a d+c and a coil placed in. No review with consultant was given. But the last 7 weeks has been horrible, the pain has been so intense and so frequent and I am continuing to bleed. Can't deal with it anymore. Going to doctors tues to get the coil out (hopefully as they didn't the last time I went) as I don't feel it is helping at all and could be the cause of a lot of the pain. But just wondering does anyone have any advice about tables that would work well to keep everything as controlled as possible and help with pain.


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From reading what other people have written here it most likey sounds as if the coil is causing the problem. Unfortunately hormonal treatments do not really stop endo, they tend to just hide the symptoms. You could try the endo diet. It works for lots of women. And then find a pain management method that works for you via eithet your gp or local endo clinic.

Best of luck x


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