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Has anyone else had a problem after a decapeptyl injection? I had my first one Tuesday 27th October (2nd day of my cycle) last week I had pain all week which is not different to normal. On Friday which was day 12 of my cycle i started another period. All weekend I have been bleeding really heavily with clots. I've hardly slept as I am in the bathroom every few minutes. I had to change pyjamas 3 times and also my sheets last night due to the amount of blood!

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I had a course of these injections once every four week.I bleed healthy as usual during my period after taking the first one and seized from the second.

Please take loads of water as I was dehydrated and getting hot flashes quite frequently.

I still had pains but they were noticeable reduced.

I hope this helps and remember we are all different.


*i bled heavily not I bleed healthy*(Pardon my mistake).


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