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Sort of endo diagnosis slightly confused!!

Hi, I was recently admitted to hospital as I was experiencing very heavy bleeding & pain that rendered me completely powerless to do anything but cry!! I was seen by a gynocologist whilst admitted who diagnosed Endo, put me on the mini pill & said I would return as an out patient in 3 months time, I'm just a little confused! I cannot go through the same pain on my next period!! She also said it would be harder for me to conceive & just left! I know this may not be the right place to post this but I'm just in a bit of shock tbh about it all.

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That should never have been said to you! You haven't been looked at properly. Endometriosis does not mean you won't be able to conceive! There are women who live with endo and have many children and others may struggle more! Unfortunately however, I would wait the 3 months until your next bleed. The pills won't be any help as nothing is for endo but you can go back and prove it to her and then I would suggest you demand to have it removed via laparoscopy. I was told I could only have scans and they showed nothing so I was ignored I went back and demanded a laparoscopy and they found endo everywhere. Do not stress about being able to conceive just yet, there are other things that can be sorted before that outcome needs to be looked into!

Being with a gynaecologist is the best help I received. Good luck and I hope you get your answer x


The mind boggles. It really does!

Matt_amber is completely right. I wish you all the best and hope you can find a better doctor xxx


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