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How do they find bowel endo?

Hi ladies, I went for my long awaited lap last week. The consultant changed at the last minute and upon checking he was actually an endo specialist. Not that that made a blind bit of difference in the end.he was clearly doing a favour for my gynea. He checked my womb and ovaries and really didn't seem bothered. They found a small amoumt on my left ovary and pouch of Douglas. He didn't think it was significant although I was stage 2 six years ago. It's not helped the pain and I have no idea what he did to my belly button but it's infectrd amd looks like he's left what should be on the inside on the outside. Ewww! I just want to know how they actually check for bowel endo? Is this still via lap?

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Just read this and didn't want go without replying. Has belly healed? Not sure about how they find it on bowel.

Xxx get well soon


I had a lap on Sat which showed widespread endo including on my bowel. Surgeon could say it was on the surface of my bowel and hadnt penetrated the bowel wall which is good. I would have thought that tour gynae should above checked everywhere. Hope u have recovered well now x


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